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Suzy Capparelli, an Idyllwild Treasure

My favorite part of being on the ICF Advisory Board these past six years has been learning more and more about our ‘giving’ community through the site visits we on the board attend each year. After reviewing each application and understanding the need and cost considerations of the applicant’s project, a site visit is scheduled.  That is the time to sit down with the leaders of the applicant organization and ask the important questions.  If the applicant is a prior recipient we see our grants in action and that is always exciting. Sometimes our questions and comments can fine tune a proposed project.  The entire process is thrilling!  We have chosen some examples to share with you.  Come along with me.

Suzon Capparelli, Board Member since 2005

Our guest editor, Suzy Capparelli has lived in Idyllwild for 33 years.  She moved here with husband, Pete, from Redondo Beach.  After teaching at Gardena High School for 15 years in Theater Arts, Suzy helped begin and stayed on to teach at Morning Sky School for twenty years.  With a passion for her community, Suzy continues to be involved with the Associates of Idyllwild Arts, Local Color and ICF.  She has served as recording secretary and is completing her second and final three year term on the board.