Communicate, Collaborate, Cooperate

Just take a look at how Idyllwild does it! As the citizens of Idyllwild already know, this is a community of caring and giving.  I believe the Idyllwild Community Fund (ICF) can play an important role in substantially increasing support for your favorite organization or group.  By donating to the ICF, your gift keeps on working forever. 

Getting to Know You… Adele Voell

Our guest editor this issue is Adele Voell, ICF Board member and professional Idyllwild volunteer.  In 1996 Adele and her husband moved to Idyllwild from Texas.  After a career in the US Navy and the business world, Adele began her lifelong dream of giving back to her community at the Idyllwild library.  She served as

The “Woodies”… An Introduction

Grant Recipient 2003-2004, 2006-2008 & 2010 By Jim Taylor The “Woodies” is the volunteer arm of the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council.  We meet weekly to cut and split wood for the Idyllwild Help Center which distributes it to those in need.  The “Woodies” also do yard abatement during the summer. The Idyllwild Community Fund

smARTS Completes 63 Art Classes

By Joann Tomshe Students in Brennen Priefer’s 5th grade class made Water Cycle Mobiles to tie in with their science unit.  One of smARTS objectives is to address multiple learning modalities.  In this project, science concepts are reinforced with visual and kinesthetic activities. This was just one of 63 diverse art classes completed by smARTS

ICF Welcomes New Board Members

Each January, the ICF Executive Board welcomes new members.    We appreciate the commitment these Idyllwild residents have made to helping nonprofit organizations in our community.  From left to right: Carol McClintic, Alternate Summer Brown, Dianne Suechika, Alternate GiGi Kramer, and Trish Tuley.  If you know and interact with these folks in Idyllwild, please do not

ICRC Community Arts Project: Grant Recipient 2010

By Judith Schonebaum With the Idyllwild Community Fund “starter grant” we have been able to purchase basic staples for our Community Arts Project: tables to work on, stools to sit on, and baskets to hold art supplies for our adult art classes.  Our first class was a gourd making class held at the “Art Pad”