Wow! Our Kids Are Learning How to Give Back!

Can a group of sixth and seventh grade students acquire the skills necessary to organize and run a philanthropic program? You bet they can! Funded by ICF and The Community Foundation, the Youth Grantmaker Program is officially underway. Beginning on February 28 and continuing through April 25, Karen Lampert of The Community Foundation will hold

You are Part of Idyllwild History

Dave Pelham, ICF Board Chairman and this month’s guest editor, met with Bob Smith, board member of the Idyllwild Area Historical Society to talk about his involvement with the Historical Society and a special project which will make much of Idyllwild’s recorded history available online. Bob’s interest in local history and historical research stems from the discovery

Suzy Capparelli, an Idyllwild Treasure

My favorite part of being on the ICF Advisory Board these past six years has been learning more and more about our ‘giving’ community through the site visits we on the board attend each year. After reviewing each application and understanding the need and cost considerations of the applicant’s project, a site visit is scheduled. 

Communicating With You… Jim Taylor

Our guest editor, Jim Taylor, has chosen to be a great communicator and to use those skills to encourage cooperation.   Jim and his wife Susan have lived in Idyllwild for 28 years and as Jim says, “It just feels like home.” Jim taught elementary school in Rialto, Chula Vista, and Hemet for 36 years before

Cooperation Prepares our Youth

Mountain Disaster Preparedness, Grant Recipient 2006-2007, 2010 by Veronica Alt Recently Ms. Lisa Draper’s 4th grade class from Idyllwild Elementary participated in a Junior Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP)  training session.  The exuberant students spent time going through the MDP Disaster Aid Station (DAS) located just a block from their school. The students each had time to

Collaboration Creates a Garden

Idyllwild Garden Club, Grant Recipient 2010 By Mike Feyder In 2010, the Idyllwild Garden Club and the Idyllwild Area Historical Society embarked on an ambitious project to transform the grounds of the Idyllwild Museum into a Village Garden for all to enjoy. The Village Garden would provide an opportunity for visitors to learn about California native plants as well