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MDP Kids with RadiosMountain Disaster Preparedness, Grant Recipient 2006-2007, 2010

by Veronica Alt

Recently Ms. Lisa Draper’s 4th grade class from Idyllwild Elementary participated in a Junior Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP)  training session.  The exuberant students spent time going through the MDP Disaster Aid Station (DAS) located just a block from their school.

The students each had time to do a walk through and inspect the supplies and learn about the function of a DAS in an emergency.  Most, if not all, were unaware of its existence.

Then, suitably decked out in neon vests and red and green helmets, each student was able to transmit a message, using the phonetic alphabet, to MDP radio monitors.  Idyllwild Community Fund has, over the years, generously contributed to MDP’s ability to purchase, among other items, these essential radios and it was a pleasure to see the interest and glee they generated with the students.

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