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Communicating With You… Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor

Our guest editor, Jim Taylor, has chosen to be a great communicator and to use those skills to encourage cooperation.   Jim and his wife Susan have lived in Idyllwild for 28 years and as Jim says, “It just feels like home.” Jim taught elementary school in Rialto, Chula Vista, and Hemet for 36 years before retiring in 2004.  Their two boys Peter and Greg grew up in Idyllwild from the fifth grade on.  The family has always been active in hiking, backpacking, bicycling, and kayaking so Idyllwild was a good fit.

After Jim retired, he volunteered with the Mountain Community Fire Safe Council and still works with the “Woodies” every Friday splitting wood or doing fire abatement.

I am generally not a joiner of “boards” and I definitely do not like meetings, so why am I enthusiastic about the Idyllwild Community Fund?  First, because the community members on the ICF board are sincere in their desire to help this community.  Secondly, because the purpose of this organization is to assist many worthy causes on the hill.  From kids to adults, from recreation to the arts, from history to natural resources, ICF supports the needs of this community. Become an active supporter of this community with your donation today or through a planned giving program.

Jim Taylor
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